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How to Court Russian Women

Never forget that Russia is a completely different culture than what you are probably used to. Russian women went through feminism in a very different way than western women and their dating courtships show it. First of all, Russian women still expect men to be chivalrous. This means that a woman in Russia is always served first in cafes, a man will take her overcoat or take her hand while she gets out a car, opening the door for her of course! This may take some time and practice to get used to but you will find that courting Russian women can actually be a very enjoyable experience which turns the smallest acts into signs of affections. The line between chauvinism and chivalry is very thin with western women. They are often offended if you hold the door open as though your kind gesture implies that they aren’t capable of opening a door by themselves. You don’t have to worry about this reaction with the beautiful Russian women. In fact, it is a way to show you respect them and want to treat them well.

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