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Download movies online to relax from medical researches

Monday, December 13th, 2010

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Vedas and medicine

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

there are various kinds of medicines that are available in the market such as antibiotics, homeopathic and many more. But it has been believed that these medicines have their origin from the Vedas. There is nothing to doubt about it is a true fact that Vedas have all the medicines mentioned in them and that is how Vedas and medicine are linked. Main point is that all the medicines produced from the Vedas are nature based and include natural products as the ingredients.
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Baby Boomers Tackling Aging

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Baby Boomers are now in their mid 60’s and about to face the problems that come with aging, including disease, depression, falls, abuse, and dementia. They also have to deal with caring for aging parents, and financial exploitation contributing to more stress and difficulties as they get older. Today polypharmacy is a issue with the elderly being over prescribed drugs from many doctors who are not communicating with each other, leading to deadly drug interactions.
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